My name is Joe. I’m just an average guy in my late 30’s that loves the game of golf and loves traveling around the country playing top courses. I started playing golf in college and have been in love with it ever since.

I started out as a hacker, as most of us do and had a self-taught swing. I was able to get down to a 7 Handicap in my late 20’s but mostly carried between a 9-14 index. I tore my rotator cuff in my early 30’s and wasn’t able to play for almost 2 years. After recovering from that injury, I decided that I wanted to take golf seriously and get to scratch. Since then, I had to re-learn how to swing the golf club.

I decided to do it right this time and took some lessons for an entire year. By the end of 2017, my handicap went from a 29 to an 8. Every year since then, my handicap has improved by years end and I keep getting better. You can follow my journey as I try to get to scratch by clicking on the Average Joe’s Blog.

While trying to get to scratch over the last few years, I realized that my time for actually practicing golf was getting less and less every year. As I get older–doing work, having kids, and taking care of my family–life takes up more time; I have less time to practice golf. I’ve been trying to get to scratch, but it’s hard to justify going to the driving range these days. It takes me over 2 hours round trip just to hit some balls; 20 minutes each way driving and 1.5 hours hitting balls.

Joe Sharpergolf

So, I started buying golf practice equipment to practice at home. However, I couldn’t find any good quality equipment. I would buy hitting mats that were expensive and they would literally disintegrate after only 6 months. They either couldn’t handle the Texas humidity and heat or were just poor quality materials to start with. I would buy practice wiffle balls that would dent after a few hits, nets that would fade and tear after a couple of months, and putting mats that would scuff and scratch and became useless after a month.

I thought that there needed to be a golf company that could make premium products designed for home use that were a fair price and would last for years to come. So, this is how SharperGolf was born.

SharperGolf makes products from premium materials that will last, and they don’t cost a fortune to buy them. Every product that we sell has been tested by me (and others), in some cases for months or a year before we sell it to the public. Our products are primarily designed for you, the average golfer, to use at home in your house or your backyard so that you can get better.

We don’t market our products to PGA Pros because our products aren’t made for them. They are made for you–the average golfer–who’s trying to get better and going to the driving range every day isn’t an option. At SharperGolf, we literally sell tools to sharpen your golf game.