Current Handicap: 3.6 (up 0.5)

Round Played in 2020: 7

Last Round: Gus Wortham Golf Course, Houston, TX 

Last Round Score: 82: Very Wind Day and Poor Bunker Play. Drove it Well!


Average Joe’s Update:

We finally had a couple of dry days, and I was able to get out and play a full 18 hole round. I felt like my ball striking as a whole was ok. I was driving the ball really well! I hit 12/14 fairways. However, I did go OB on the 2 fairways that I missed. My putting was amazing, chipping was ok, wedge play was great, but my bunker play was terrible. It wasn’t helped by the fact that 4 of my 5 bunker shots were fried eggs. I really need to learn how to hit those types of shots. 

All of the putting practice that I’ve been doing on my SharperGolf Putting Mat really paid off during my round. I drained several putts over 20’ and I never missed anything inside 8’. By the end of the round, my putting confidence was so high, I was putting balls that were off the green that I would normally chip.  

After my round, I looked at a couple of my swings and realized that I was still coming over the top a good bit. Not as bad as a month ago, but still noticeable. So, I have stopped doing the Superspeed Golf Training System for now. I think that doing my right foot back drill has really helped this issue. 

However, I’m probably undoing a little of my progress by trying to swing as hard as possible while doing the Superspeed Golf System. Over the last few days, I have made significant progress with my swing. And I think, in a couple of weeks, I will be back to swinging on plane. At that point, I will resume the Superspeed Golf Training.  

Over the next couple weeks, my main goal is to figure out a way to practice chipping inside my house, and get my swing back on plane. I’m still trying to play when the rain stops, but I don’t have my hopes up.  

Until next time, sharpen your game! 



Backswing on Plane Drill: Using my favorite training aid, I take 20 practice swings inside my house just to get the feel of the correct backswing plane. 

Right Foot Back Drill: 50 Swings: Putting my right foot about a foot back from my foot line, I take swings; forcing the club to move on an inside out path, therefore preventing the over-the-top move. 

Feet Together & Pause at the Top Drill: 50 swings: After I finish the right foot back drill, I take 50 swings with my feet close together, and I pause at the top of the backswing before making my downswing. 


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