Whether you’re an amateur golfer or a pro, one thing that keeps you playing golf is the desire to get better at every single game.

Just look at Tiger Woods, Lorena Ochoa, and Jack Nicklaus. One thing they all have in common is not just their passion for golf, but their burning desire to improve themselves at the highest level to the point of being the best in their league.

But these big guys all started improving their craft through practice. Sure, you can’t go to the course every day. You have a day job to take care of too. What better way to practice without the need to schedule a trip to the golf course than at the comfort of your home?

Yes, you read that right. You can practice your putting at home using products like the SharperGolf Indoor Putting Mat. Designed to make your indoor practice fun, this mat is 10 feet x 20 inches long and has 1 foot to 8 foot putting zones.

Here are 5 drills you can do to make the most of your putting mat:

1.  Square the Face Putting Drill

  • Get your mirror and place it in the centerline of the mat.
  • Ensure the mirror is aligned perfectly by making sure the white dot appears on the first hole.
  • Place your golf ball in the middle of the mirror with the line of the ball aligned with the white line on the mat.
  • Once you’re set, strike the ball and make sure it rolls end over end.
  • Repeat 3 times.

Your goal is to get the ball rolling straight down the centerline. This will ensure that your face is square at impact.

2. Distance Putting Drill

This is pretty much just like the first drill. You strike the ball on the same straight line, but this time you put to different targets on the mat. Doing this will help you practice your distance control.

3. Aiming Drill
Instead of making the ball roll on a straight line, you putt to different targets all over the mat to practice your aiming skill.

4. Ladder Drill

  • You putt to the first target from 1’ away and try to make 5 in a row. 
  • After making 5 in a row, you putt to the 2’ target on the same line and try to make 5 in a row. 
  • If you miss one, then you start over again at the 1’ target.
  • If you make all 5, then you move up to the 3’ target and try to make 5 in a row. 
  • This goes all the way until you make 5 in row at the 8’ target.

A variant is to not start all the way over but to only start over at the current target until you make 5 in a row.

5. Reverse Ladder Drill
This is the same as the Ladder Drill, but you start at the 8’ target first and work your way down to the 1’ target.

So there you go folks. Try these 5 fun drills at home solo or you can do it with your spouse, kids, and friends. Practice these drills, and you’ll be draining those birdie putts in no time! #SharperGolfPuttingMat #SharperGolf